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Vintage Framus Texan 12 string acoustic

Vintage Framus Texan 12 string acoustic

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Years ago before we rescued it, a shop here in Scottsdale, AZ decided to remove some of the dead higher frets from this Vintage Framus Texan 12 String. Like most you’ll find on eBay or reverb this particular example needed fret work near where the neck meets the body.

Although we do agree that this guitar works best wile being played in the first position, a partial or full refret would improve playability. 

Until recently this piece of history was used exactly as it sits by a pro recording studio thag does rock and roll the right way however we will let the buyer decide it’s fate.

It is otherwise in good used working condition, has never been cracked or broken and is free of any other issues that would effect its functionality. 

Original finish has several scratches dings and dents and shows evidence of a long history of use 

case not included 

For more info call or text 602-513-0330

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