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Vintage 1968 1969 Marshall Plexi Super PA 100w

Vintage 1968 1969 Marshall Plexi Super PA 100w

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Back Story and history of amp: 

Serial Number - SP 206Xx 

Year -  1968 - 69

Super PAs are infamous for parts being robbed of their parts in efforts to restore superleads. In the 1990s Rob McKee rescued this one after one of its previous owners did this exact thing.

After spending years sourcing parts he has now collaborated with amp engineer Tony Dow to restore this amp to as close to “all original “ as possible!

Keep in mind this amp was completely destroyed in the 1990s!

Red Head Box was commissioned by Rob and built by Mojotone 

  • Original Marshall logo will be included in sale 
  • Power transformer has been replaced with a Mercury Magnetic
  • Output transformer is original
  • Cap board is original the the two others are very well manufactured repros
  • Original mustard caps and Iskra resistors are all there
  • Filter caps were replaced with Modern F & T then painted and stamped to look like vintage Radio Spare by Rob who is also a professional graphic design artist. 


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