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Vintage 1968 1969 Marshall Plexi Super PA 100w

Vintage 1968 1969 Marshall Plexi Super PA 100w

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Model 1968 Chassis

wired to 67 Superlead specs

This amplifier is being sold on consignment for collector / Masterbuilder Rob Mckee. Rob has been collecting Plexis since the 1980s and is beginning to sell off his collection with this being first on the list and will be followed of a number of vintage Marshalls that have been out of circulation since the 1990s!

Back Story and history of amp:

Super PAs are infamous for parts being robbed of their parts in efforts to restore Superlead models. In the 1990s Rob rescued this particular example after one of its previous owners did this exact thing.

After spending years sourcing parts and restoring it he has decided to let this go so it can be used to make more great rock and roll music

Amp was wired by Tony Dow of orbit electronics. He was also the head engineer at KRANK amplifiers as well as one of the original founders.

This is a great opportunity for a player, recording studio or producer has been looking for. We all know there are not many original 1960s Marshalls that are under 5k in 2023.

Original Power and Output transformers, mustard caps and Iskra resistors are all original 1960s with the exception of a few resistors

Filter caps were replaced with Modern F & T then painted and stamped to look like vintage Radio Spare by Rob who is also a pro graphic design artist.

Red Head Box was commissioned by Rob and built by Monotone. A made in England repro Marshall logo will be included in sale

Cap boards are very well manufactured repros

original cap board will be included in sale

Serial Number on chassis - SP 206XX

Year -  1968 - 69

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